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Sis, are you ready to shine like the freaking star you are?  Get ready for the pre-launch of my new journal - "Girl, You Better Shine Your Light"!


This journal is all about empowering women to never dim their light and discover their true potential. With guided activities and prompts, this journal is going to help you reflect on what makes you happy, what inspires you, and what challenges you face.


Also available on AMAZON


Girl You Better Shine Your Light - Journal For Women

  • Self-reflection page: Start your journey of self-discovery by reflecting on your current thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

    • Shine your light statement: Declare your intention to shine your light and live your best life.
    • 1-2-5 pages: Reflect on what you're grateful for, what you've achieved, and how you're feeling.
    • 12 guided activities: From setting intentions to practicing self-care, these guided activities will help you explore different aspects of yourself and your life.
    • Self-love notes: Write yourself a love letter and practice self-compassion.
    • Power statements: Find inspiration in powerful quotes and affirmations that will motivate you to keep shining your light.
    • Affirmation pages: Practice positive self-talk and build your confidence with affirmations designed to help you embrace your inner strength and beauty.
  • Size: 6X9"

    120 Pages


    Full color

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