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Workshops For Women


I invite you to take the plunge and discover what's possible... I work primarily with women who have the desire to transform their lives and do what others say is impossible. To live a life without fear and the power to ignore the naysayers and your own negative self-talk is truly a blessing. Many have the goal to be "just happy" without a clue as to what that really means. 

I work with individuals and groups sharing my own experiences of having felt inadequate in my personal life as well as in my work; and the joy of learning how and achieving the life I've always wanted. We'll focus on developing a positive mindset and provide practical advice on how to make progress in a variety of areas. You will learn how to set achievable goals, build confidence, and take practical steps to make your dreams a reality.


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Woman Unleashed Series

This transformative experience is your gateway to understanding the profound connection between your thoughts, words, and beliefs. In this empowering journey, you'll unlock the secret to a more fulfilling life. Dive into the art of intentional living, guided personally to find that crucial balance between personal and professional success. Discover the keys to nurturing meaningful connections, pursuing your passions, and achieving your goals with unwavering purpose. Join us and embark on the path to a life filled with authenticity and fulfillment."

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"How Intentional Living Can Help You Have it All"



We provide an interactive and empowering program that is designed to help women gain insights into their own strengths and weaknesses, and learn to separate their emotions from their business decisions. Our workshops offer confidence-building exercises, interactive discussions, and activities that are designed to help women reach their potential and achieve their business goals.


"Empowering Women: A Program to Build Self-Confidence and Achieve Success"


The Business In You


I believe that everyone can create the life of their dreams, no matter what age or experience. I am passionate about helping ambitious women tap into their inner power to create meaningful, impactful, and profitable businesses. I provide one-on-one and group workshops to help you break through the barriers of fear and self-doubt that are holding you back from achieving your goals.



"Learn from your Mistakes, and Embrace Life Challenges"

Do you want to become a fearless and courageous person, even when faced with difficult and uncomfortable situations? Learn how to take on life's challenges with confidence, and how to use your mistakes as a powerful tool for growth. This program will provide you with the tools, techniques, and strategies to help you take control of your life, and discover the courage and strength within. Join us on this journey and unlock the gift of learning from your mistakes!

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Through Words


Words are the most powerful thing in the universe. How we think and speak about ourselves, manifests in everything we do. I work with you and your team to identify when the "bad talk" is happening and provide tools and skills for turning those words into words of positivity. Participants will learn how to identify when negative talk begins and how to intentionally switch gears to stay positive. 

I PRAYED For My Husband



In this 1/2-day workshop, I share and teach how I prayed for my ideal relationship. How, After 2 failed marriages and several dead-end relationships, I surrendered completely, allowing God to choose the husband that was best for me. You will learn how to properly ask God for your mate and how as well as prepare yourself to receive the husband God has for you.  



"Manifesting The Life You Desire Using Vision Boards, Affirmations, and Living a Life of Gratitude"

Our program is designed to empower women to make their dreams a reality. Through a combination of vision boards, affirmations, and journaling, we help women gain clarity about their life path and create a plan for success. Participants will learn the importance of positive imagery and how with daily practice and faith you can manifest the life you desire.  Join us and let us help you unlock your potential.

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For Couples Only

Two Shall Become One

In this signature couples program, you will learn the true meaning of marriage according to God's principles. I along with my husband, team up to share our individual lessons from previous marriages as well as how we cherish the opportunity to "get this one right". 


With the use of open discussion, real-life examples, and exercises we provide a safe space for couples to learn simple techniques that they can implement immediately. 


The lessons are broken down into 3 sections


  • Group Introduction/Discussion

  • Men's Breakout  |  Women's Breakout

  • Group Recap and Goal Setting


Claude & Cherie Harris


During this full-day workshop, you'll learn

  • The power to agree

  • How to effectively communicate with your mate

  • The importance of being respectful and polite to each other

  • Learn the biblical principles of marriage 

  • Identifying the roles of a husband and a wife

  • Learning what a Help Meet is

  • Understanding the true meaning of submitting to each other

  • How to cover your wife 

  • Embracing your husband's authority as head of household

  • Allowing your husband to lead

  • Men truly are from Mars & Women are definitely from Venus

Work Desk

Need something specific? Have questions?

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