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Do you need a high-impact PowerPoint presentation?

At Corporate Concierge, we can redesign your PowerPoint or create a brand-new presentation that can accomplish your goals.

What we provide:


  • PowerPoint presentation from a provided outline.

  • Optimize an Existing PowerPoint.

  • Create custom Slide Templates with your Logo and Color Scheme.

  • Music Photo Galleries

  • Animated Slides

  • Charts and Graphs

  • Quote slides to enhance your deck

  • and more

Let Corporate Concierge take your presentations to the next level.

100% Satisfaction is guaranteed!
100% Refund if the delivery is not up to standard!



5 step process
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Easy 5-Step Process

Step 1: Consultation: 


Review your current deck in order to understand the objective of your presentation and your ultimate goal for your audience.  Give recommendations on template design, slide language, animations, graphics, slide transitions, and photo enhancement. 

Step 2: Presentation Plan:

Determine which plan works for your project, based on the type and quantity of slides you require in order to capture your audience. Each deck is different and depending on your listener a presentation may require a variety of different slides/animations to get your point across. 

Step 3: Produce Slides:

You provide us with a final outline of your presentation. If template design is required, a sample will be provided for your approval prior to formulating slides.

Step 4: Edits / Revisions:

A completed deck will be submitted for your review. Revisions will be made 2 to 10 times based on your plan selection.

Step 5: Delivery & Practice:

A final approved deck will be submitted in an editable PowerPoint format as well as a PDF format. We will run through the deck with you to ensure you are comfortable with slide timing and overall presenting. 



Bonus Step: You give an AWESOME PRESENTATION

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