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Lessons on how to be an Authentic Leader

As I reflect on my journey as a woman in leadership, the path has been filled with twists, turns, and moments of pure triumph. Today, as a professional coach, I have the privilege of guiding others on their own leadership journeys. It's a role that constantly reminds me of the power of confidence, authenticity, and resilience in leadership.

"Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet - thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing consistently. This builds trust, and followers love leaders they can trust." - Lance Secretan

Overcoming Challenges:

Each step of my leadership journey presented its unique set of challenges. From navigating gender bias to overcoming imposter syndrome, I faced obstacles that tested my resolve. However, I refused to let these challenges define me. Instead, I embraced them as opportunities for growth and transformation. By staying true to myself and my values, I found the strength to overcome every obstacle that came my way.

Key Learnings:

Through the challenges and triumphs, I've learned invaluable lessons that have shaped me into the leader I am today. I've learned the importance of authenticity in leadership – that true leadership is about being genuine, transparent, and empathetic. I've learned the power of resilience – that setbacks are not failures but opportunities to learn and grow. And most importantly, I've learned the value of empowering others – that true leadership is not about being in charge but about inspiring and uplifting those around you.

Finding My Footing:

When I first stepped into a leadership role, I felt like I was walking on shaky ground. Doubt and uncertainty clouded my mind. But with each challenge, I found my footing and embraced the opportunity to lead with newfound confidence.

Navigating Obstacles:

Gender bias and imposter syndrome were hurdles I faced head-on. Instead of letting these challenges defeat me, I used them as stepping-stones to success. Every obstacle only fueled my determination to lead with excellence.

 Empowering Others:

One of the most fulfilling parts of my journey has been empowering others. Whether it's mentoring aspiring leaders or championing diversity and inclusion, seeing others grow and succeed has been incredibly rewarding.

  Leading with Authenticity:

Authenticity has been my guiding light in leadership. By staying true to myself and my values, I've been able to build trust and create a positive work culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

Celebrating Successes:

The journey has been filled with many successes – both big and small. From achieving ambitious goals to witnessing the growth of my team, these moments remind me of the impact of effective leadership.

Continuing the Journey:

My leadership journey is far from over. I continue to seek new learning opportunities, embrace feedback, and adapt to change. I am committed to evolving as a leader and making a positive difference in the lives of those around me.


This article is a testament to my journey and the lessons I've learned along the way. I hope it inspires other women in leadership roles to embrace their journeys with confidence and authenticity, and to seek support through professional coaching.


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