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Empowering you to reach new heights both personally and professionally. Let's work together to unleash your full potential and elevate your life and career to the next level.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
- Maya Angelou

Programs To Meet Your Needs

I offer a range of workshops and training courses that are tailored to the individual needs of my clients. From self-awareness, confidence building, and personal development, to career and business strategies and goal setting, I provide the tools, strategies, and support to help you achieve your goals. I look forward to helping you make the changes you desire.


My Services


As a life coach, I understand the unique challenges that women encounter in the corporate world. My mission at Corporate Concierge is to support you in excelling in your career, finding that crucial work-life balance, and helping you build the confidence and skills you need. Together, we'll discover and empower your unique voice, connect with like-minded professionals, and navigate the business world with emotional intelligence. Let's embark on this personal journey of growth and professional success

My approach is simple,


and have fun in the process.



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Our specialized training sessions focused on developing leadership and management skills, sharpening professional communication, and promoting work-life balance. Our wide range of corporate training programs for managers provides help on topics like work-life balance, conflict management, and team building - all developed to help professionals take their career and leadership skills to the next level.


Our workshops for women are structured to provide the tools and resources needed to achieve your goals and dreams.  We offer a variety of topics to help you focus on developing a positive mindset and provide practical advice on how to make progress in a variety of areas.  We work with groups as small as 5 to 50 people and can range from 1-day to multiple day sessions if so desired. 

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In addition to providing life coaching and corporate training, we also provide resources for essential services for small business owners. During many of our coaching sessions, we have identified the need for basic yet essential marketing skills, such as web design, social media marketing, and branding services. We are here to provide these services and more to help you reach your business objectives.

  • Getting your business online doesn't have to be complicated or take a long time.

  • I have affordable packages to fit every budget.

​I design custom social media content, so you don't have to.

  • Weekly Posts

  • Engagement

  • Increased Likes

  • Branded Content

  • All about your vibe

  • Being small doesn't mean looking like it.

  • It's time to present your project to the world

  • While looking professional

Markting Services
Meet Coach Cherie

Introducing Cherie Harris, a multifaceted professional with a dynamic portfolio. Cherie is not only an accomplished Certified Life and Business Coach but also a seasoned Corporate Trainer and a motivational speaker, proudly certified by the esteemed International Association of Professional Organizations (IAPO). Her illustrious career, spanning over three decades in the corporate sector, reflects her dedication to empowering individuals and businesses alike.

While Cherie originally hails from the lively streets of New York, she now calls the vibrant city of Los Angeles her home. Her unwavering passion lies in guiding individuals on transformative journeys to actualize their dreams, achieve their objectives, and lead lives abundant in fulfillment and purpose.


Cherie's journey took a significant turn when she relocated for work, only to confront the unforeseen challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in her job loss just three months later. However, Cherie's indomitable spirit led her to harness her wealth of operational, managerial, and administrative experience spanning three decades to create programs aimed at aiding others in their pursuits. Today, she offers personalized one-on-one coaching, engaging corporate training, and motivational speaking engagements, all designed to foster personal and professional growth.


Cherie excels at guiding individuals through the intricate terrain of career choices, enabling them to craft the lives they aspire to lead. Her unwavering commitment is to empower her clients to achieve their goals, make a lasting impact, and ultimately find their true purpose. Be it through life coaching, corporate training, motivational speaking, or a harmonious blend of all these elements, her unique amalgamation of expertise, boundless enthusiasm, and profound knowledge equips her to deliver customized support to individuals and teams across diverse industries. Cherie considers it a privilege to work with her clients, and her profound passion lies in helping them unlock their fullest potential.

My mission is to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their highest potential.


MEET COACH        



Alice Harris
Founder / CEO

Cherie was so patient and thorough. Her knowledge and ability to connect with me from day one, allowed me to focus and achieve my goals.  

1:1 Coaching & Branding & Marketing


Ruby Gary
Aspiring Motivational Speaker

THANK YOU SOOOO VERY, VERY MUCH! You are the first woman that has poured into me wholeheartedly with commitment and excitement! 

1:1 Coaching 


Dr. P. Dodson
Psychologist, Private Practice

I website. The colors, the vibe. Everything. It's better than I could have imagined. You took the example I gave you and ran with it. 

Website Design

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